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Onward Fanfic Soldiers, Marching As To War
This is a community of individuals dedicated to stamping out the increasing number of lonely fic found on memes and prompts.

What is Lonely Fic?
A prompt for a story that has gone unanswered, usually found in comment fic or on memes.

What are "Fic Soldiers"?
People who are part of a movement based solely on writing fanfic for unloved prompts.

How does it work?
This community functions on a rewards system. The more lonely fic prompts you fill, the higher you rise in the army's ranks. Special medals are given for different accomplishments, and various other rewards are dished out along the way. More info on the rewards system can be found here.
What if I don't want to "play army"?
Anyone is welcome to post their lonely fic responses in the community, whether they participate in the rewards system or not. But who wouldn't want to be praised for all their hard work?

Is this a challenge community?
No. You are not obligated to complete a certain amount of fic in a certain amount of time. You write at your own pace, and are rewarded for your efforts along the way.

How do I join?
(1) Join the community and start posting right away.
(2) If you want to participate in the rewards system, you can "enlist" by filling out this form.

How do I affiliate?
Send an email to devilsduplicity[at]gmail[dot]com.

Other Information:
The Draft
Lonely Fic Finder

Rules and Regulations:

+ Lonely Fic, as defined by this community, is any prompt that has been unfilled for at least one week.

+ ficsoldiers is multifandom and open to all types of fic: Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash, RPS, incest, and everything in between. You don't have to like what other people write about, but you have to at least respect it.

+ This is a place for fanfic and, more specifically, lonely fic. Please don't post episode discussions, fan reactions, or, yes, your most recent story that was in no way related to any sort of unloved prompt.

+ When posting, please use this header:

+ Everything but the header goes beneath an LJ cut.

+ Make sure to tag your posts appropriately.


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